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The Casey Files

Birth Story

July 23rd, 1999

After three long pregnancies, and two challenging births, I finally got my dream delivery. But I guess I
should start at the beginning. Being twelve days over due, my doctor was discussing inducement options.
The only one I much cared for was membrane stripping. So he did it right then and there. I went about
my normal hectic life, figuring that it would not work. That night I had some contractions but they
weren't very strong. As a matter of fact one bowl of cheerios was enough to stop them all together. Brad
came home from work early, so we spent the rest of the night talking. I finally got to sleep around 7am.
Around 10 am I wasn't feeling well so I decided to get up. Well, I guess I got out of bed wrong. I had a
real sharp pain. I went to the bathroom, to discover bright red blood. It didn't look like the mucus plug,
so I called the doctor. I was having good contractions now, but they were 15 minutes apart. The doctor
had me come in to his office. One quick look and he sent me to the hospital. I thought it was a bit early
to be going in, but we went anyway. They hooked me up to the monitor, only to find the contractions
were going away. They were all very polite about it, and never once suggested I go back home. Then I
got to walk the halls. After a few hours they decided to call the doctor and find out why I was sent in so
soon. It turns out that I was already dilated to 5 cm at the doctors office. Pretty good, for not much
effort. They let me get to 6 cm, before they decided that I was never going to go into labor. The doctor
showed up and broke my water. Still no contractions. So then he decided to go with the pitocen. Having
an unmedicated pitocen birth previously, I decided on an epidural. They got it for me right before the
contractions started. I never even got a bad one. Then it was nap time. I slept for about an hour and a
half. They came in to check me again, and I was at 9 cm. So they set everything up, and got the doctor.
The doctor came in, I pushed through three contractions, and the baby was out! Easy as pie. I never even
pushed hard, just consistently. The first contraction, I felt the baby move into position. The second
contraction, I felt the head come out. And the third contraction, I felt his little body slither out. It was the
coolest thing. Because he decided to drink the meconium his apgars were only 5-9 right at first. but he
was quickly upgraded to 9-9.5. Casey Logan was born Friday, July 23rd, 1999 at 10:24pm. He was 9
pounds 5 ounces, 20 inches long, with a 14" head and a 14.5" chest. His hair is a pumpkin brown, and
his eyes look like they may be green or brown(or is that just wishful thinking, lol). I am up and running around,
without a rip or a stich to slow me down. Now if you think this story is long, just ask me about my breast
feeding ordeals!

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