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The Casey Files
January 2001

monthly log

Happy New Year!

Casey's Day:
Casey had a very good Christmas. There were lots of friends, family, food and presents. His favorite by far is the "Let's Pretend Elmo". Casey's new trick for the day .......Playing fetch with 'Riah. He throws the tennis ball and 'Riah runs and gets it. Casey thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.
Casey Says:
putor (computer)
Shit (replaces uh oh)
Funny thing and/or tip of the day:
Laundry goes IN the basket, laundry comes OUT of the basket.
Over and over and over.

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Sunday, January , 2001

too many links
I need to find a way to keep the pages, but not all the links

Turkey day

Pic of the week