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  News Headlines Tuesday, March 21, 2006  


To honor the wishes that Cecil Colhurst outlined in his diary (which was discovered last week in a time capsule at his home), Colhurst House and the Colhurst Tunnels beneath it have been opened to the public! With the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Edna Nelson, curator of the Millsberry Historical Society, the house has been restored to its former splendor, and the tunnels have been retrofitted and made safe for exploration.

"This is very exciting!" said Mrs. Nelson. "It was wonderful to watch as Colhurst House returned to its turn-of-the-century appearance. Visiting the house is almost like taking a direct look into the past. Along with its historical furniture, Colhurst House is also filled with archaeological and cultural relics and art from all over the world, which Colhurst discovered during his many expeditions."

While providing a tour of the house, Mrs. Nelson also introduced the Colhurst House's caretaker, Daniella Rodriguez. "It is a great honor to be named the caretaker of Colhurst House," Ms. Rodriguez told the Gazette. "The house is so beautiful and filled with unique and gorgeous antiques, but what I'm really excited about are the tunnels! According to his diary, Mr. Colhurst buried many of his own historical relics and treasures in the tunnels beneath his house, so now it's going to be possible for Millsberry residents to find them!

"The tunnels will be open to the public for exploration and even digging for those in search of treasure!" continued Ms. Rodriguez. "The only things you'll need in order to go on your very own treasure hunt are a dig ticket and a shovel. To celebrate the grand opening of the tunnels, dig tickets will be free from March 16th to the 30th ! Remember, though, that digging takes a lot of hard work and strength, so be sure that you're in good shape for it. All of the rules for digging are posted in the Colhurst House. There are some tips and hints there as well, so be sure to read them."

Grab a shovel and head down to the Colhurst Tunnels for a chance at uncovering a priceless historical relic!

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 Featured Citizen

Meet Sam, our new citizen of the week!

Sam lives at 24853 Broad Street, on one of the beautiful forest-lined roads in Golden Valley. He moved to Millsberry on February 1, 2006, and is very excited about watching the cold winter wonderland transform into glorious spring.

Though Sam has only lived in Millsberry for a short time, he has already made many friends. This is most likely due to his charming and easygoing nature. As soon as he signed up for classes at Millsberry Academy, Sam immediately began looking for clubs to join so that he could meet his fellow students. He headed straight for the drama club and soon found plenty of people who shared his interests. In addition to having similar hobbies, the club-members also realized that Sam was just a great guy to have around. He can start a conversation with anyone and is so easygoing that there are never any disagreements when Sam and his friends are out together. All of his drama club friends agree that Sam was a great addition to their club too, because Sam truly loves acting.

Another group that Sam joined soon after he moved to Millsberry was the football team. Since he's very athletic and dedicated to doing well, Sam can always be found practicing with the team after school or enjoying a casual touch-football game in Peabody Park to maintain his skills. If you ever happen to be a spectator at a football game, keep an eye out on the field for Sam in his yellow, light blue, and indigo jersey. You might even find him up in the stands every once in a while, cheering on his favorite team.

Sam's athletic talents don't end with football, though. He also enjoys slapping the puck around on the ice rink and participating in pick-up hockey games. During the summer, Sam heads for the pool, where he keeps his muscles in top condition by swimming laps and playing intense games of water polo. Sam's life isn't all about athletics, however. On his days off, he likes to relax by hanging out at home and listening to his favorite styles of music - pop, techno, and new age - and spending time with his pets. Sam is truly a well-rounded person!

Thanks for being a fine citizen, Sam, and congratulations on being named Millsberry's citizen of the week!

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