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1. qqtpie & do not monitor chat, but all conversations are digitally recorded on the liveharmony databases. Users enter at their own risk. Users hold all responsibility for what they experience in chat rooms.

2. qqtpie & are not responsible for what users say and hear in chat rooms.

3. Once a person enters a chat room, they are responsible for any and all interactions that take place. qqtpie & hold no responsibility for the actions, outcomes, or words of those in chat rooms.

4. cannot guarantee that there will not be persons in chat who use lewd, vulgar, insulting, offensive, profane, racist, or sexual language. Nor is responsible for attacks on another person's race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else. These are cause for being permanently banned.

5. Children and minors are not allowed in chat qqtpie and hold no responsibility for children and minors who enter the chat rooms. Parents hold the entire responsibility for monitoring the activities of children and minors in chat rooms.

6. qqtpie & are not responsible for any results coming from information received or people met in chat rooms, as it cannot guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, originality, of anything heard or said within chat rooms.

7.Everything is your fault and nothing is my fault

8. Admittance is based solely on the discretion and the irrational whims of qqtpie and

No posting of personally identifiable information.

No posting email addresses

No posting IM names

No using multiple names

No cheats

No posting or asking of passwords

No begging

No scrolling

No annoying people

You MUST use a registered nick

Non-adherence to these stipulations are cause for being permanently banned.

By entering Chat you have indicated that you are at least 13 years of age, have read the above statements, and agree to abide by them. Scroll down to enter chat.

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