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2007 update

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There you guys are. I was wondering where you snuck off to. No really, I am just a shmuck. I can't seem to post on any message board any more. I have had a heck of a year, let me tell you. Things are finally slowing down a bit. I didn't know where you guys put updates, so let me know if you move this post for being in the wrong spot.

It started in the fall of 2005. I was again attempting to get weight loss surgery. Brad took a job in Colorado. Bradley's issues were at an all time high. He was violent every single day, up to 20 times a day. Cori's grades were in the crapper. Casey? Well of course, he can do no wrong.

Brad left me all alone in this mess to handle all of this myself. To top it off, he decided that it would be ok to be smashed (drunk) every night up there. So not only did I have no help, I was left without any emotional support either. I wasn't working due to Bradley's issues and my weight stuff. I have to say that things really sucked. It took about 4 months before I told brad to get lost. Of course he didn't. I wouldn't call him or tell him any thing that was going wrong here. He kept sending money and calling to talk to the kids nightly.

I continued to work on Bradley's issues. We got him in to special ed, after 6 years of trying. We had a behavior coach coming to the house 4 nights a week. He was hospitalized a few times for the violence and instability. He has been diagnosed Bi-polar and adhd. Last fall he assaulted his special ed teacher and went to jail. He ended up in the most restrictive school they have. He was getting fairs and poors for his daily ratings in class. We changed his meds 20 times trying to see what would help. I was really disillusioned by the results and doubted that meds would be the answer. I worried so much that it was just who Bradley was going to be. The problems finally started to abate this last December. Getting the right medication combination was the silver bullet. I was skeptical at first, thinking it might just be a lull. We had seen lulls before, lasting even as long as a month. This is no lull. I have my son back. No fairs, no poors, Bradley gets EXCELLENTS every single day. In all of january it only slipped down into good one time. He is sweet, weird, interesting, and one of my most favorite people in the whole world. I couldn't be happier.

Cori, after 8 dismal quarters, finally got all of her grades above C. She is trying hard to keep them that way too. She never got into the "bad teen" crowd, but I still worried. She also cut and died her hair. It's red and it looks gorgeous with her coloring. Cori is really growing up. It's hard to believe she is graduating in a little over one year. My baby will be an adult. Technically, lol

Casey is Casey and always will be. He loves math and science and does great in school. He has tons of friends. He is intuitive and personable. He is a bit whiney and spoiled but he'll get over it, lol. He is still my wonder jock. He can make baskets from halfway across the street and ride a quad through the desert. He likes to stay up at night reading.

Cheeto gained all his weight back from when he was lost for a month. He grew back all of the fur that needed to be shaved after his adventure. Now Cheeto has gotten downright obese. This is one fat cat and it is NOT a fluffy winter coat. This cat is packing on the pounds. I am wondering if he is a lot more shook up about our new family member than he lets on. I got a 6yo german shepherd. Her official name is chantilly river of dreams. We call her Dreamy. I got her off from craigslist. I think she was never really a family pet. She has some behavior issues. We got her checked out at the vet and she has heartworm! She has had it rough but is getting along with the family very well. We sre treating the heartworm and working on the behaviors. She is smart and is getting better every day. She is running and playing now and really seems to be enjoying having a family. Oh and she is a GREAT watch dog. She looks just like a scary police dog but she is just a big sweetie.

Me? Oh yeah, me. I still weigh a billion pounds. I have gone from doctor appointment to doctor appointment all year long as the weight related issues pile up. My health has gone to hell in a hand basket. The insurance company denies my request for gastric bypass surgery every step of the way. Last month it finally went to court to be mediated by an administrative law judge. She found in my favor on every single point. Now it's back to the insurance company to see if they will honor the judges recommendations. They have a crappy track record of honoring decisions that don't go their way. I have less than a 50% chance they will approve the surgery. Apparently they have 60 days to let me know. Sixty days is a long time. If they still say no my next step is real court. If I have to go to real court I will fight it to the end. What the insurance company is doing is flat out wrong. The judge agrees. The judge was able to see how they were using the same rule to deny the surgery if I lost the 5% or if I was unable to lose the 5%. They are making it impossible for people to get a covered expense. If they think they can win in real court they are wrong. If they think I will give up, they are wrong. When are people gonna learn not to piss me off? LOL

So then there is the brad thing. His job ends and he comes walking back in here like he was supposed to be here. Uhg. It was a big huge yucky adjustment. I was so horrible. I made him go through, line by line, every detail of coming back. It was worse than a Trump pre-nuptial agreement. I was just so done with the BS. We figured it all out though. Everything is going great. Yesterday, the Super Bowl, was the 9nth anniversary of our first kiss. It's our day. He made it very special.

If you click the links at the top of the page I think you will see the newest pictures.

So what's up with you guys?

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