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Pictures from the first half of 2001

Put the mouse over the picture for a discription :)

July 3rd at the fireworks

Big Brad

Bradley with a catapillar, camping

Casey camping

Pictures from the first half of 2001

Blue moon ice cream fest

Ears? I have ears right here!

Bradley and Casey

Cori in Big Red

Cori 10 yrs





The worlds best TV

I can't spell Renissance festival

Bradley Casey Cori

Anybody feel like a parade?


Abuse of power......

her highness

Que paso, hombre?

Senior Casey

Tres amigos

a clue a clue


Barney the purple haired dinosaur

Cori and the gang

A dead Furby

Shrek and Fiona

The weird hollow tubes I found in my yard......

What made these weird things?

Aren't they just the greatest kids?



Cori & Bradley

Cori & Bradley

I LOVE that door!

The new room

Now where did I park that ceecycle?

safety first!

A Daddy, a Grandma, and a Great Grandma :)

I have got to quit telling him to say cheese!

Don't let the bedbugs bite

Hotel Omaha

How DID that dollar get into that lemon?

Bradley magic

I LOVE this camera thing!

Pictures from January 01 web pages

casey and elmo




Are you Daddy?

Casey's Haht!

Snack time

Cori and Bradley climb Mount kilimanjaro